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Burnt Friedman is a musician and producer who works under a variety of project names in the fields of Electronica, Dub, and Jazz. His instruments include ambient noise, analog synthesizers and organs, percussion, as well as toy piano. Since 2000, Friedman runs his own record label Nonplace. He lives in Berlin.

Saam Schlamminger is a musician and performer born in Istanbul and raised in Iran until the age of twelve. He specialized in the Persian instruments Zarb and Daf which he alienates electronically. He has performed worldwide with artists of different styles, like Susan Deyhim and The Notwist.

Burnt Friedman & Saam Schlamminger

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Music © Burnt Friedman & Saam Schlamminger, film footage and performance stills © HKW, photographs © Ahl al-Kahf, © Marcus Lieberenz, and © Edward W. Said, used by permission of The Wylie Agency (UK) Limited.